1. the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

While the fundamentals of being successful in business stay the same, the way in-which you get the word out has changed greatly. You have a product or service, you need to tell people about it so they'll buy it. The world of business & communication has become bigger yet smaller, faster, more competitive so standing-out is more important than ever.

Media & Marketing

Photography & Images

It’s a fact that images create more engagement & a well-curated feed is a very powerful tool.  Whether it’s a beautiful panorama of the roiling Pacific, a heartwarming shot of a wet-nosed fuzzy puppy, a tantalizing platter of plump dusky-blue & summer-ripe-succulent berries or a shot of a steaming, foamy, cinnamon-laced cappuccino…a picture can stop scrolling in its tracks & give you the chance speak.

Social Media Management

Word of mouth is still the most powerful form of generating business, it’s just more than face-to-face in today’s social world. Social media not only gets the word-out about your business, it sets the tone for your brand personality & helps achieve online presence. There are many channels to use to interact & it can seem like a full-time task just keeping up. The more competition there is, the more one has to communicate just to capture a little screen-time. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest…well, they’re always updating their policies & adding new features. Spaghetti Heads 💖 engaging so let us be your social workers!

Website Design

A website is the online engine for your business. Don’t you want that engine to be a performer? A website can do much more than just list what you or your business offers. On the front-end, it can allow your potential (or already satisfied!) customers to interact, showcase videos, allow you to receive payment & more. On the back-end, it can tell you who is visiting your site, how they get there & allow you to plug-in ways to optimize your site to be seen by more potential customers. All of these things together also help you tell your story & reach more potential business!