what is real- and what in the mind's eye?

At the end of a road, in NE Florida’s rural countryside, a young man walks endlessly, around a depressing, garbage-strewn trailer. Walking mechanically, always following the same path, he mumbles to himself, bound in an inner prison. 
Intrigued by his behavior, a mysterious interloper observes him from a distance. Who- or what- is she, and why does she care about this troubled boy? With small gestures, she will try to help him find purpose- or peace. Will she find the key to unlock his mind? 

Indie Short Fest : Best Indie Film                     Amelia Island Festival : Best Hollywood South Paradise Film Festival : Best Film & Best Director

Selected for
Hollywood Shortsfest * Cannes Indie Short Awards * Venezia Shorts Italy * New Hope Film Festival * Festival PSY de Lorquin.
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